Game description: the user gets a certain amount of money to play the following games:

There will be three mini-games in our big casino. To organize their interaction and not get confused is already a small achievement.

Requirements to a programmer: knowledge of basic mechanics of working in the programming language which includes working with data input, data processing, data output, conditions and the while loop. Recommended age is 16+ .

Purpose of the game: to demonstrate that gambling programs are easy to set up so that the user never wins. The result arises spontaneously, and it looks like a fair game. But the practice and testing will show that the player always loses during long-term playing.

This demonstration is not intended to denigrate the whole gambling, the author doesn't claim that owners of the houses deliberately cut players' chances; but time and statistics show that trying to beat the system is kind of pointless.

It important to admit that this type of entertainment possesses a mental component which causes addiction. Of course, we can "quit any time", but, to tell the truth, the situation is much direr. I recommend you to look through the following articles before writing the program:

The game saves and loads data from the file - the remaining amount is stored after each play. But the main thing is different. It is the use of methods and functions as tools of a programming language. Without understanding the methods and functions, understanding of object-oriented programming is impossible. Therefore, pay close attention to them!

Methods and functions are the first step towards object-oriented programming.

Since the "Casino 678" program has pretty confusing structure, all material is divided into small parts. Nevertheless, when you learn everything and write the game, try to realize the code without methods and functions. You'll succeed. But you'll be very tired.

Check out the screenshots:

Console (terminal) format is not quite appropriate for such games. On the contrary, text games have something unusual and delightful, the thing is to create user-friendly interface and understandable mechanics of the program work.

But it's another story. Our main task is to learn new tools (for example, working with files, exception handling) and put them into practice.

The program is waiting for you!

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