1. Author's Preface
  2. Author's preface. System approach. For whom, for what and why. Structure of this coursebook. Copyright. Program interface.

  3. Who Are You?
  4. Problem of learning programming. Handbooks and systemic material. Abstractions as examples. It is going to be tough.

  5. Python
  6. We are going to the Circus! Download. Install. Click all checkboxes needed. Create a shortcut.

  7. Interface
  8. Setting up Python. Python Shell and work file. First command. First program. Time for some experimentation.

  9. Data Processing
  10. What data processing is and why it is necessary. Any program processes data. CS:GO example. Some terms. What is really important.

  11. Data Types
  12. Classification of information. Classification of languages. Main types to remember: str, int, bool. Summary.

  13. Variables
  14. How human memory works. How computer memory works. Name and value of a variable. And then assign. And then calculate. Input, processing, output. The moment of use of variables.

  15. Data Input
  16. Data sources or where to get information. Keyboard input. The input() function. Lines. Output of several arguments. Integers. Program for a grandma.

  17. Conditions
  18. Philosophical reasoning about life. Statement. How to write a conditional construct. Example of the program. "Else" block. Condition inside another condition. "Elif" block. The program "Does the driver violate the rules".

  19. Complex Conditions
  20. Complex statements. Logical operators. Truth tables: not, and, or. Practical use. Guess the number. Running the program. The programs about weekends and about the driver.

  21. For Loop
  22. Harmony in life. Terms and syntax. Loop counter, loop parameter. Tricky task. Again the drivers! Some exercises (with answers, of course).

  23. Guess the Number
  24. Description of the game. What lies ahead of us and how it will work out. Don't get discouraged, it is really simple!

  25. Learn to Count
  26. Description of the game. What lies ahead of us, how it will work out. Math trainer for pre-school children. Behold, sisters and brothers!

  27. Casino 678
  28. Description of the game. What lies ahead of us and how it will work out. "Roulette", "Craps", "One-Armed Bandit". Be careful with gambling! Methods and functions.

  29. Hippodrome
  30. Description of the game. Screenshots. Example of working with tkinter. Inadequate horses.

  31. Material in Google Play
  32. Full version of educational material that will make you a good programmer and games too

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© 2019-2023 Translation and adaptation by Danil Shentsov
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